view the whole board
|<------------------ Length & Width of the board: 38cm or 15inches  - - - - - >
|<--- Playing surface: 32cm or 12.5inches - - - - - - - - - - - - - - >
->| Square 4cm |<-
This scanned in picture is only one quarter or part of the board (made of plexy-glass).
(the quality of this picture is not as good as the real thing - 15" x 15" or about 38x38cm)
Each board (1/8 inch thick) is 100% clear that has been silk-screened with black vinyl for the lines/squares as seen above. If you paint over the back side of one of the boards with white, use a water based paint gently (otherwise the back vinyl ink will run, ruining the board). By using white paint for the bottom board the black squares stand out better visually. For all the other boards above the bottom board, they should be left as is (clear).
This PICTURE (of ¼ of the board) has been reduced in size by 25%.