both games
3D & 2D.


to Queen:

Look at the moves of both games very closely. Did you see that in both games (3D & 2D) especially from Blacks perspective, the moves match? I choose to do this to prove a point (About the same number of moves and the same amount of time). I did not tell Garrett to do the same, it just worked out that way.

Garrett vs Paul

3D Chess ('Chess - The Next Generation')

     Garret    Paul G.
01.  Ad2-Bd4   Bf7-Bf5
02.  Ac2-Bc4   Bg8-Bf6
03.  Ah2-Ah3   Bd7-Bd6
04.  Ac1-Ae3   Bb7-Ab6
05.  Af1-Be2   Bf8-Ag7
06.  Ad1-Bc2   Bc8-Bb7
07.  Af2-Bf3   Bd8-Bd7
08.  Ag1-Af3   Ag7-Bg6
09.  Be2-Ad3   Ab6-Bb6
10.  Bd4-Bd5   Bf5-Af4!
11.  Af3-Bd3   Af4xAe3
12.  Ab2-Bb4   Bf6-Af4
13.  Ad3-Be3   Af4xAg2+
14.  Ae1-Bf1   Bb7-Aa8
15.  Ab1-Bd1     O-O
16.  Bd1-Ad3   Ae3-Be2+
17.  Bc2xBe2?  Ag2xBe2
18.  Bf1xBe2   Bd7-Ba4
19.  Bd3-Bf2   Ba4-Ba2+
20.  Resigned

2D Chess (Original Flat Board)

     Garrett  Paul G.
01.  d2-d4    f7-f5
02.  c2-c4    g8-f6
03.  b1-c3    d7-d6
04.  f2-f4    b7-b6
05.  d1-c2    e7-e6
06.  h2-h4    c8-b7
07.  h1-h3    g7-g6
08.  e2-e3    f8-e7
09.  f1-d3    f6-g4
10.  e3-e4    e7xh4+
11.  g2-g3    h4-f6
12.  g1-f3    d8-e7
13.  f3-g5    f6xd4
14.  c3-d1    b7-c6
15.  d1-e3    b8-a6
16.  e3xg4    f5xg4
17.  h3-h6    O-O-O
18.  c2-h2    a6-c5
19.  e1-e2    e6-e5
20.  c1-d2    e5xf4
21.  g3xf4    c6xe4
22.  a1-e1!?  c5xd3
23.  resigned 

Copy the above game
from 01 to the end.
Move your mouse over
'2D Chess Viewer' 
and paste the game
on the right side.
Then Press Play.

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Paul is White in this 1st game.
So he choose to be on the Bottom, 'B' Level.
Therefore, Garret must be on 'A' Level or the top board.
In the 2nd Game Garret is White and will choose ...
Click the link below
To view this as a much larger picture.

(Read the directions below so as to click on the link above.)

Just finished creating a nice invisable wall with my Knight,
but Black is about to fork my Queen and King and say check!
Bishop drops below King (Aa5-Bb6). Creates the fork and says check!

The movement in the picture creates the illusion that the picture is 3D.

Garret is White for the 3rd game of 3D Chess. Because I won the last game,Garret gets to choose the Board Level. He choose the Top Board or Board Level 'A'. Therefore, Paul must be on 'B' or Bottom Level. Click the link below
To view this as a much larger picture.

(read the directions below)

White and Black have made their move (The white and black stones show the last moves before the picture was taken). It's the turning point in the game because it's checkmate in 6 moves. His next move (Ae1-Be1?) shows he did not see the queen attacking the rook. Plus the black pawn at Ba3 is about to become queen which aids in Checkmate.
You will need those red/cyan 3D glasses to see this, However here is a link to the 2D picture.
Click here to view this as a much larger picture.

(read the directions below)

As you can see, . . . more
      information pops up.
Even click on a link in the box.

White Knight just moved to Bottom level on the knight file.

Garret is White in both games.
2D Chess, and a 3D Chess game.

Both played at the same time.
Notice they both take about
the same number of moves.
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