How to Make / Build a 3D Chess Board Game

Items Needed:

This is the 1st way to build the game.
  1. Two Game Boards
  2. Four Luminessence clear Glass Tealight holders (they come in different sizes)
    (although you could use 4 wine glasses that are about 5-6 inches high)
  3. Four Erasers or something to elevate the bottom board by 1cm or half an inch.

Place the erasers down 1st.
This allows a space for the base of the wine glasses to slide under the bottom board.

Then put the bottom board on top of the erasers.

Slide the wine or Tealight holder base under the bottom board.

If you don't have a 2nd game board. -- To create the top board:...

  • Use a plastic or glass sheet that is the same size or larger than your bottom game board.
  • Then place that board over top of your bottom board so as to mark out or trace out where the squares are to be (You could use some kind of tape or marker).
 ... Then place the top board on the wine glasses so they line up with your bottom board.

White gets to choose to be on the bottom or top board. Black is on the other board level.

Built with 3/4 inch PVC pipe.

3D Chess - Build Yours with PVC

Here's another and faster way to build or make a 3D chess game. All you need is a Kitchen Wire Rack that is larger than your games boards.

Place Kitchen Wire Rack over game.

Put your 2nd board on top...

... and start playing. The game takes about the same amount of time and same number of moves as a regular 2D game of chess. The big difference is that this game is more exciting from the 1st move. The game might look intimidating, but it is easier to play.

It should be noted that these photos make the game look confusing (I agree). That's because you are looking at the game in 2D! Take a look at the game in 2D and 3D using those red/cyan 3D glasses.

As long as you know how to play a regular game of chess, it is not much of a stretch for the mind to grasp a 3D game of chess (just the dimensional movement or how each piece moves to the other board). -- In-fact, by learning something new, you will improve your mind. Much research has proved this to be true.

4 move checkmate in 3D? or is it 8 moves because it's 3D?

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