Order/Buy high quality 1/8 inch thick plexy-glass boards for your 3D board Games at $25.US per board.

The cost is $25.us per board plus shipping and handling. The price has not changed in over 10 years.

A return email or phone call will be ASAP to confirm the address and method of payment.

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want to send a link please ask/send HERE.

It should be noted: If you really want game board(s), you'll use the above contact as there is a lot of spam from here! Just tell me how many boards you want - your phone# - your address, or otherwise it could be SPAM!

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15" x 15" or 38cm x 38cm.

As you can see the board is divided into quarters with a thicker line in the middle.

The middle line helps players of a 3-D game to quickly see where the center is at all times!

It's easier to see and analyse 4 squares by 4 squares than it is to see 8 by 8 squares.

Take note that most of the board is clear, in-fact 7/8th of the board is clear, making it very easy to see the bottom board or even to see through three levels.

Do You Really Want A Game?

Pick up the phone and leave a message so I can get right back to you.

If you really want a board, pick up the phone and dial the number on the business card. There is too much email spam and not enough people wanting to play a 3D game that uses their mind instead of their thumbs. So pick up the phone and leave a message so that I can get right back to you.

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