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Dimensionalized: . .

- To make something dimensional;
      to add HEIGHT to Length and Width.

This website was at first, built to advertise the games invented but then later on to advertise the work I do and can do for others (which includes both Web Design and SEO). However, with time, life changes things and so I also started cleaning windows and advertising for the stores that I cleaned.

Concerning Chess, Checkers and Shogi, they are all played on a flat board with 2 dimensions, Length x Width. The pieces do not move up or down (Height) because there is no other board that a piece can move to.

When we add another board to the games just mentioned and the pieces are able to move to another board, the game has then become 3D or Dimensionalized. So now, we have 3D Chess, 3D Checkers and 3D Shogi. So build your own 3D game for yourself - (explained with pictures). I also explain how to build your own 3D game in my Wordpress Theme.

Is there are reason to play 3D Games? Yes there is. Take note of the info on how it benefits your brain.

The next page goes into more detail for the history of those games. But what about 3D Chess960? It's explained in my blog, and how does someone set up chess960 and play?.

Photographs are also flat and 2D or two dimensional. They have length and width but there really is no depth or height. However that can change if you could add or simulate depth and/or height. By taking two photographs 3.5 inches apart, blend them together in photoshop and then put on a pair of red/cyan 3D glasses and the result is as seen in this picture. You'll see depth! More of that in the Photo Gallery page.
This means you need those red/cyan glasses

When the picture looks like this, you will need those red/cyan 3D glasses

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